AT | 2016 | 04:22 | Veronika Abigail Beringer

How can someone imagine infinity? As a never ending played guitar riff, an immortal jellyfish or the endlessly expanding universe, collapsing at some point? Apeirophilie – which means the love to infinity – tries to discover this subject and shows a perspective in the form of a synaesthetic rhythm based on loops, which are digitally drawn or printed frame by frame on canvas.

Script | Animation | Production: Veronika Abigail Beringer

Calle San Francisco

AT | 2011 | 03:45 | Veronika Schubert

Experimental video of time-lapse shots of the Calle San Francisco in Bilbao.

Script | Animation | Production: Veronika Schubert | Music: Ulrich Troyer

The Clay Speech

AT | 2016 | 01:39 | Badri Skhirtladze

It is simple, but nor easy (Nikolaus Hipp)

Script | Animation | Production: Badri Skhirtladze

Dancing with You

AT | 2017 | 02:03 | Anna Vasof

World Premiere

Concept | Production: Anna Vasof | Cinematography: Peter Regner |
Live Music: Stefano D’Alessio

Ex Terrat

AT/FR | 2016 | 05:45 | Reinhold Bidner

An Audiovisual Experimental Animation based on Reinhold Bidner´s personal Paris-Dérives in 2015. The Idea was to walk through/explore and to feel inspired by the Urban Landscapes & Textures, the City, the Street Art, the People and the Museums of Paris as a starting point.

Script | Animation | Production: Reinhold Bidner

Explosive Speech

AT | 2017 | 02:11 | Anna Vasof

World Premiere

Concept | Production: Anna Vasof


AT | 2017 | 00:48 | Anna Vasof

World Premiere

What came first? The chicken, the egg or the foot?

Concept | Production: Anna Vasof | Cinematography: Themis Brofas, Xrysa Papasarantou | Music: Stefano D’Alessio


AT | 2013 | 01:55 | Eni Brandner

Concept | Animation | Production: Eni Brandner


AT | 2016 | 03:24 | Hubert Sielecki

A man is trying to mount his bicycle: He does not succeed because the bike rack is in his way. For the same reason he cannot jump off. But then he has a brilliant idea.

Script | Cinematography | Editing | Production: Hubert Sielecki

Im Wohnzimmer

AT | 2015 | 02:13 | Alexander Gratzer

Script | Animation | Production: Alexander Gratzer


AT | 2017 | 04:00 | Nikolaus Jantsch

IO is a music video by the band Attic Giant that seeks to turn the poetic text and the associated music into a visual journey. The text describes a sense of us, but leaves much open, remains free, so that associations can be freely made.

Animation | Production: Nikolaus Jantsch

La Stanza

AT | 2016 | 02:20 | Beatrix Hollenstein, Dietmar Hollenstein

Perception of sound, alteration of light = individual impression, erotic?

Script: Beatrix Hollenstein | Production: QUADRATMETER OEG

Living Rotations

AT | 2017 | 05:51 | Lukas Uvacek

In his animated film, Lukas Uvacek works with the terms “liveliness” and “rotations”. He uses graphically stylized mechanical elements and functions known from machine industry, to show better the biological situations of a life and its link to mechanical movements – a link between the natural and the unnatural. All components and situations are getting together in one large cycle which has its origin in the primary rotation movement of a gear.

Script | Animation | Production: Lukas Uvacek

Musikalisches Terrarium

AT | 2015 | 05:45 | Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

Quantum battle or dance?

Animation | Music | Production: Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio

Salzburg rundum

AT | 2016 | 04:31 | Norbert Trummer

Concept | Animation | Production: Norbert Trummer | Music: der schwimmer


AT | 2013 | 07:00 | Thomas Steiner

Theresia is a painted animation movie that transforms a series of photographs taken at a church into an abstract painting. The oval room and the camera movement within turns into a pictorial space allowing various possibilities of perception.

Animation | Music | Sound | Editing: Thomas Steiner


AT | 2012 | 11:00 | Paul Wenninger in collaboration with Nick Hummer

This real-animation film is atechnically impressive, varied, and precise tour de force. A consistent element throughout is a type of avatar of the director, a character created from real images, whom the film sends on a world journey, of sorts, within his own four walls. A wild process of transgression can begin. (Christian Höller)

Script: Paul Wenninger | Cinematography: Paul Wenninger, Nik Hummer |
Editing: Martin Music, Peter Kogler | Music: Michael Moser, Nik Hummer |
Sound: Nik Hummer | Production: Paul Wenninger, Gabriele Kranzelbinder