The topic for the 2017 conference is pinned down with a single word!

The 7th edition of the interdisciplinary media conference and festival will take place in in the heart of Vienna, at the end of May we will connect directly with the following Vienna Shorts Festival. As the intellectual vanguard “Under-the-Radar” will open up conceptual boundaries and will connect international and local artists, scholars, mediators, and distributors.

This year we put out, with an exclamation mark, a broad, but multi-faceted heading: Success!

– what, how, when, why, what for, with whom, what is, so what?

Success – as a goal, a process, an emotion, it is a key element, a massive driving force behind efforts, struggles and ambitions.

media – art – film – animation – light – sound – community – interaction

It’s all about SUCCESS! – or not?

go ahead – try to fake it til you make it

In the meantime, we invite you to join the exchange!

Check back for more details and information about presenters and participants in the near future.