Sebastian Buerkner: The Tenants

Sebastian Buerkner The Tenants

15.4. - 22.5.2016 @ ASIFAKEIL & Raum D | quartier21 | MuseumsQuartier Wien

Exhibition opening: 14.4.2016, 6 pm

The exhibition “The Tenants” is a continuation of Sebastian Buerkners current research into spatial prominence in moving image.
In contrast to his recent foray into making stereoscopic animations, which have used recent 3D technology, here he will use multiple layers of projection surfaces, where the emitted visuals will attain a holographic volume. Several projections will combine into a single light sculpture.
During his concurrent residence at the Q21, the exhibition will continuously experience alterations of its projection surfaces and animated content.

The exhibition is meant to be a work in progress, Buerkner is Artist-in-Residence at the MQ by invitation of ASIFA AUSTRIA. 

Buerkner’s stereoscopic movie „The Chimera Of M“ won a Tiger Award at the Filmfestival Rotterdam and an Honorary Mention at the Ars Electronica in Linz. 

Madi Piller: Into the Light - The Film Resistance

16.4. - 8.5.2016 @ Sternstudio, Mayergasse 7, 1020 Vienna

Exhibition opening: 15.4.2016, 6 pm

This film performance combines abstract imagery created on 35mm with live sound.

The artist has adopted the film form in all its formats as a medium of expression: an aesthetic that continuously shifts because of the obsolescence of different emulsions over time. Thus, artists are impelled to re-create the materiality of film, to experiment and to continue the practice of filmmaking.