The symposium “Under-the-Radar” is an annual conference designed for researchers, artists, students, independent filmmakers, scholars, newcomers and people who enjoy working at the verges of media design, production and study – that could be in animation, experimental film, narrative shorts, documentaries, music-videos and media-art.
The focus of this forum is  the discussion of topics and ideas before they fully appear in the center of public recognition and the mainstream of public media.
The attention is directed towards the fringes, the borders and the areas that are unclear, vague and more difficult to grasp.
Every year an overall theme, a connecting topic and abstract rationale is defined to function as a unifying conceptual umbrella for the meeting.
The selection of presenters, contributors and creators is not based on the overall picture that the participants create together when revolving around the annual proposition.
It’s all about the impact, experience and effects of sound and moving images, independent from how such work is categorized or labeled.
The spillover between fields and disciplines like popular culture, research, production, underground and the academic world are as much in the interest of the organizers as interdisciplinary approaches that link seemingly distant fields of exploration, construction and management in creative motion media.

Franziska Bruckner and Holger Lang

Financial and technical support by:
Webster Vienna Private University
Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (MA 7), Wissenschafts- und Forschungsförderung

Holger Lang (Webster Vienna Private University  / ASIFA-Austria)
Stefan Stratil (Webster Vienna Private University / ASIFA-Austria)
Elisabeth Zoe Knass (Webster Vienna Private University)
Franziska Bruckner (ASIFA-Austria)

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