The symposium “under-the-radar” is an annual event that brings together scholars, artists, practitioners, producers, facilitators, students and anyone who is interested in creative motion media production. Unlike many other conferences, festivals and symposia the focus of this forum is not on the discussion of topics and ideas that appear in the center of public recognition and the mainstream of public media. Here the attention is shifted to the fringes, the borders and the areas that are unclear and more difficult to grasp. Every year an overall theme, a connecting topic and abstract rationale is defined for the meeting, but the selection of presenters and contributors is not based on how accurately they hit this target, but on the overall picture that all participants create together when revolving around the annual proposition.

This event is for artists, students, independent filmmakers, scholars, newcomers and people who enjoy working at the verges of media design, production and study – that could be in animation, experimental work, narrative shorts, documentaries, music-videos and media-art. The spillover between fields and disciplines like popular culture, research, production, underground and the academic world are as much in the interest of the organizers as interdisciplinary approaches that link seemingly unconnected fields of exploration, construction and management. It’s all about sound and moving images, independent from how work is categorized or labeled, such as film, video, animation or experimental media.

The Media-Communications department at Webster University Vienna, ASIFA-Austria (Austrian branch of the Association International du Film d’Animation) and the Viennese production company are organizing this event also in 2014. The symposium will take place on March 1st and 2nd at Raum D/quartier21 at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna and at the Top-Kino cinema nearby. It will be in English and is open to the public.

The topic for 2014 is “Release the Analog”. How you may understand this term is up for discussion and consideration. Is it the return of a technique or technology, a fashionable approach, a question of style or the comeback of method of production? “The Analog” can be seen as an antagonist of “the digital” or it may be a component of all current media work. Where in our computer-based production and distribution environment is this “analog heart”, the spirit and the ghost of the real, the non-digital center of the world? In an environment that is growingly dominated by the experience of bodiless images and synthesized sounds the connection to the inside, the origins and the hidden structures within is turning into a relevant question. What is it, that gives soul to the reflections of reality that we create with audio-visual media. Do we add this spark of life or is it this creature, this powerful beast that remains beyond our control? Do we experience the tensions between “The Analog” and “The Digital” as a battle, a fight between rivals and as a clash of the Titans of technology? Or is “The Analog” only another name for the all-connecting space that reaches out into all digital domains, creeps around on the inside and fills, like a bulging monster with countless tentacles, the hollow spaces between bits and bytes, numbers and codes?

Guests presenting on Saturday March 1st and and Sunday March 2nd

Tess Martin – Animation Artist (US)
Elizabeth Hobbs – Animation Artist, Lecturer (UK)
Simone Gristwood – Researcher, Lecturer (UK)
Monika Schwärzler – Researcher, Lecturer  (A)
Werner Raczkövi – Mechanical Wizard  (A)
Nikolaus König – Researcher, Lecturer  (A)
Jürgen Hagler – Researcher, Lecturer, Curator (A)

Moderation: Franziska Bruckner (A), Holger Lang (A)

Financial and technical support by:
Webster University Vienna

Holger Lang (Webster University Vienna / ASIFA-Austria)
Stefan Stratil (Webster University Vienna / ASIFA-Austria)
Elisabeth Zoe Knass (Webster University Vienna)
Franziska Bruckner (ASIFA-Austria)

The first appearance of “under-the-radar” happened at the “Sternstudio” gallery in February 2011 and allowed a lively dialogue between invited guest from different backgrounds, like artists, filmmakers, researchers, consumers and teachers. The screening of a program of short films titled “in-567-under-radar-ter-mission”, all less than 9.5 minutes long, inspired some of the guests to perform spontaneous statements, comments and speeches. This initiated the idea for a broader event that was then realized in 2012. The combination of screenings, presentations, discussions and personal exchanges on a casual level created a fertile and encouraging environment for everyone who is working “under-the-radar”. The interdisciplinary intersection through the medium of moving images, short films, animation and connected fields turned into the central idea behind this symposium.

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